We work with all stakeholders in academia and scholarly communication:

  • Editors, their advisory boards, peer reviewers and authors that are interested in flipping their journal to Fair Open Access
  • Universities, library consortia and librarians that are willing to support the Fair Open Access Alliance or one of the DisciplineOA’s.
  • Research funders that are interested in supporting the flipping of existing journals to Fair Open Access
  • Publishers that comply with the following conditions, a.k.a. the Fair Open Access Principles:
    1. The journal has a transparent ownership structure, and is controlled by and responsive to the scholarly community.
    2. Authors of articles in the journal retain copyright.
    3. All articles are published open access and an explicit open access licence is used.
    4. Submission and publication is not conditional in any way on the payment of a fee from the author or their employing institution, or on membership of an institution or society.
    5. Any fees paid on behalf of the journal to publishers are low, transparent, and in proportion to the work carried out.