The Fair Open Access Association (FOAA) is a non-profit foundation based in the Netherlands, a so-called Stichting in compliance with Dutch law. Stichting FOAA was founded in 2017.

FOAA is formally governed by its board members. The various disciplineOAs and other participating organisations are represented as Participants. Participant Disciplines are represented by one delegate for each participating xOA, such as LingOA and MathOA. With Participant Sponsors a Memorandum of Understanding is signed.

The board members are:

  • Johan Rooryck (President; Leiden University)
  • Jos Baeten (Treasurer; CWI Amsterdam)
  • Martin Eve (Open Library of Humanities)
  • Ralf Schimmer (Secretary; Max Planck Institute Germany)
  • Danny Kingsley (Cambridge University)
  • Peter Suber (Harvard University)

The project leader is drs. Saskia C.J. de Vries (Sampan – academia & publishing).